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John Deere SVAP

A Web Application for Dealerships & Service Centers

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Designing for 
Dealer & Business Needs

My role on Service Admin Pro (SVAP) for John Deere was as  Lead Product Designer  balancing complex stakeholders needs from the business and dealerships with technical limitations of the legacy code framework. We launched a discovery effort that spanned 3 months. I assisted the two product owners align the business stakeholders and prioritize efforts in building a roadmap. Following this effort, we followed a dual track agile process to support the product for 6 months after the discovery.


We interviewed 10 dealers to understand their current use and frustrations with the Manage page in SVAP. We combined this understanding with insights from previous studies to extract high level frustrations, concept to solve for these issues, and iterated on these concepts throughout the study.


Summarized Dealer Needs

Sorting & Filtering

Dealers find it difficult to filter the machine list. They are missing sorting and grouping options needed to prioritize and focus on appropriate work.


More Contextual Information 

Currently, dealers must dig deep in the app to find important information needed to prioritize service and prepare reports.

Enhanced Collaboration

There is currently no easy way to collaborate between people and departments within the dealerships.

Insight & Reporting

Managers and administrators need insight into the work they've done and currently have difficulties accessing this data.

Speed & Performance Issues

SVAP is slow to load data, and sometimes does not show loading indicators or clear affordances when data changes leading to distrust and frustration.

Collaboration Features

Machine Tags & Groups

Dealers would be able to define the categories of machines important to them and view these contextually in the job list.



Improve collaboration across the dealership by recording ad hoc information about machines and service in context.


Updated Layout

All 10 engaged dealers felt the updated layout was intuitive and user friendly. They were very happy with this direction and thought it would be much better for those new to the program or those not using SVAP daily.

Untitled design (20).png

Legacy Layout

Untitled design (19).png

Tabbed Layout


More Valuable Quick Views

This allows for plans and agreements to be sorted much more easily than previously. Dealers also appreciated the counts stating this could help with reporting and insight.


Custom Sorting & Views

This will make it easy to port of old custom views. Some dealers wanted to pick one of these views as their default view or display these in a custom order.


Persistent Filters with Clear Representation

Reduces the visual clutter and provides clarity to what filters are selected. Dealers positively remarked at how clear this was and how it seemed much friendlier to use. They liked having access to the complexity, but felt the noise was reduced.


Improvements to the List View




This presentation of work led to further discussions and design sprints. This is a small sample of the work done on this app. If you would like to hear more about my process, let's talk!

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